TerryIverson Photography

Effective January 2018

For Sale - Limited Photo Rights

  • Properties 2999sf or less - $200.00
     Each additional 1000sf range +$50
     Acreage +$50 minimum
  • Lots - $100
  • Trip Charge for locations exceeding 25 miles ($25 min)
  • Minimum site visit fee - $100

Lease, Rent or Websites - Unlimited Photo Rights
  • Property rates start at $250.00
    +Additional charges, see above

All Photo Shoots Include:
• Interior (unlimited) and exterior photos (typically 6-8 photos)
• High-Def MLS compliant Virtual Tour
• Unlimited photos for acreage
• Elevated photography from pole (sweeping drone like photos, weather permitting)

• Branded HD Widescreen YouTube Video $50 example

Photo Rights
- Downloading photos signifies your acceptance of the rights to the photos.
- TerryIverson Photography retains ownership of all photos and may post, publish or sell anywhere or to anyone.
- Photos may be posted on sites such as Houz, Pinterest, ActiveRain, etc. Credit given to TerryIverson Photography would be appreciated.

Limited Use:
- Photos may only be used on listings photographed by TerryIverson Photography.
- You or others working on your behalf are granted a limited-use License for the sole purpose of marketing the listing.
- License expires when the listing ends, either by sale or termination. Photos may not be provided to others without prior consent.

Unlimited Use:
- An unlimited and non-expiring License to use photos is granted upon payment for photo shoot.
- License is restricted to the hiring individual, their agents or clients. Photos may not be provided to others without prior consent.

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