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With all the controversy regarding the commercial use of drones, potential fines and unwanted attention, I made the decision not to add a drone to my ‘camera bag’. I realize that others are using their drone to shoot expansive properties but it just doesn’t seem right to knowingly do what has not been allowed and hope not to get caught.

Instead, I have invested in a photography pole (not a cheap painter’s pole) and new mirrorless camera in order to take photos from nearly 20’ high, which incidentally often will mimic shots taken from a drone. I was so happy to have done that, when my first photo shoot after getting setup included the mountain range to the east, only visible when looking over the roof line.

If the front photo requires elevated photography, that will always be included in the photo shoot.

Elevated photography Elevated photographyMonosnap 2015-12-15 16-34-01
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